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SMS Marketing: Benefits of Engaging With Customers Using SMS


Are you thinking of adopting SMS marketing for your company?

Text message marketing often serves as an effective way of engaging with customers. Many people today use their phones to communicate with their friends, family, and yes, other businesses. Using their phones, you can reach out to your clientele and keep them engaged with your business. 

But what benefits do SMS marketing pose for your company?

There are many different positives associated with using automated text messaging. Let’s go into each of them below.

Keep reading to learn more about how a business texting platform can help you!

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a digital marketing strategy that texts your clients’ phones with updates regarding your business.

We are the only company that has proprietary AI-driven technology to send out text messages to their clients’ mobile devices. If you’ve ever gotten a text message about an upcoming doctor’s appointment, then you’ve experienced SMS messaging.

The Benefits of SMS Marketing

Many businesses use SMS to connect with their clients. But if you’re already entrenched in a lot of marketing strategies, you might wonder why you should get into SMS marketing.

So, what are some of the benefits of SMS marketing? We’ll go into each of them below. 

Keep Your Clients Engaged

When you use SMS marketing, you’re sending messages directly to your clients’ devices. This means that you have the opportunity to engage them directly and tell them whatever you need them to know.

When your clients receive text messages from you, they also feel more engaged with your business. Even if your messages are automated, many people feel text messaging is personalized, and they feel more connected to your company. 

Increase Your Open Rates

Do you struggle to get your clients to open your emails?

Many companies struggle with email open rates. The truth is, even if you send out thousands of emails, a large amount of them will go unread. This could be because it gets sent to their spam folders, buried under a lot of other emails, or deleted or ignored by the client.

This means that your important messages sometimes go unnoticed. When you invest so much money in making your email marketing campaigns perfect, this seems discouraging. 

Yet, because many people get notifications about their text messages, they’re more likely to open them. In fact, customers open up to 98% of SMS marketing messages.

Learn More About Your Customers

Most businesses also learn more about their customers when they start sending out automated text messages.

Because of the higher open rates, more customers take surveys and click on any links you include. When your customers take surveys and go through your links, they provide you with insight into what they like and don’t like, and you can make adjustments accordingly.

Give Them a Wider Variety of Communication Options

Nowadays, people connect with their friends and families through a variety of means. They can call them, text them, or reach out to them via email or social media. Routinely, they reach for the platforms that seem easiest and most intuitive to them.

What does this mean for you? 

It indicates your clients likely have a preferred method of communication. As a result, you should do your best to integrate as many different streams of communication as possible. When you start using text messaging, you give them another convenient avenue through which to contact your company. 

Communicate Fluidly

Text messages allow you to communicate more fluidly with your customers.

Giving them the option to text your company also allows you to communicate with them in real-time. By implementing our AI text messaging, you provide your customers the opportunity to use their phones to text you with any questions they may have. In turn, you can send them responses, increasing their engagement with your organization.

This also fulfills client needs. When you answer their questions over text message, you give off the impression that you are responsive in handling their concerns. 

Reach a Wider Demographic

Many people now have cell phones that they use to text their friends and families. Regardless of their age and background, they already have what they need in order to engage with your company. 

Chances are, even if you have a target audience, you’ll be able to widen your reach by including business texting in your marketing plan.

Texting Is Mobile Friendly

In an era when people are so often on their phones, being mobile-friendly is essential for so many businesses. This often involves making websites and other platforms accessible for mobile users.

Yet, AI text messaging makes your business even more mobile-friendly. When you use texting, you’re engaging your mobile users in a way that works for you and them. 

Use It to Promote a New Product or Service

Do you need to promote a new product or service?

If so, consider using text messaging marketing! Because of the high open rates of text messages, texting your clients about new products or services is an effective way to let them know and prompt them to buy.

Ultimately, this makes more money for you and increases your marketing impact.

SMS Marketing is Cost-Effective

Are you tired of paying for ad after ad? 

If so, try business SMS. When you send out texts on behalf of your business, you usually only pay for your text messaging service. Other than that, you can send your text messages to whomever you want in a cost-effective manner!

Are You Ready to Get Business Texting?

Do you want to get started with SMS marketing?

If so, you’re making a great choice for your company. Texting has a lot of great benefits, which ultimately engage your clients and keeps them abreast of developments in your business.

Are you ready to start with your business texting? Contact us today to get started!

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