Stay Sticky!

Automated Two Way AI Text Messaging for E-Commerce

We love the concept of “stickiness” when it comes to eCommerce. Simply put, “sticky” is a measurement of how well certain brands relate to their customers. A good relationship is a sticky one, where customers visit and buy often—and feel good about it.

You’re an eCommerce maven, and you’re already doing the work you need to start sticking in your customers’ minds. Not in an overstuffed PBJ sandwich kind of a way; in a way where your customers have you and your business front of mind when they shop. You’ve got great products, a good-looking website. But…

In an extremely crowded field, where customers can move from store to store with no effort at all, you need all the advantage you can get.

That’s where getLouie comes in.

Keep Them in The Cart

Your customers can sometimes seem like butterflies. They come to your site, engage with pages and products, even put items in their cart and then…poof. Gone. On to the next site without buying. This is a phenomenon known as “shopping cart abandonment” and it has long been a retailers’ nightmare.

Going back to ye olden days, shoppers would walk around the store to pick out the items they wanted, then see the enormous line at the checkout, dump the cart and walk out. In the internet age, they fill up their online carts, but then something will turn their heads, slow them down, or force them into a click they don’t want to make. They abandon their cart, and hundreds, even thousands of dollars of sales, are lost in the virtual ether.

Before they leave… offer them the opportunity to keep in touch through text messaging. Once opted in, you’ll have the ability to reach out – and perhaps more importantly, your customers can reach out to you as well! All interactions are logged in such a way that makes re-targeting for marketing  a breeze!

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The Baymard Institute puts the average cart abandonment rate at just under 70%. Ouch.

What stops people from buying? Many reasons: not enough payment methods, lack of trust in the retailer, a complicated checkout process, and others.

But the reason above all is: there are just so many options. People’s attention spans wander. They go to another device, another thought, a new store and…

When they navigate off the site, getLouie helps to remind them by reaching out to the one place your customers are near guaranteed to look: their text messages.

Almost 60 percent of shoppers leave their cart behind because “they were just not ready to buy.” That’s OK, there’s no need to do the hard sell and keep them online until they cough up cash. Just send them personalized messages with value adds through getLouie, and when they’re ready, you will be making a sale. getLouie’s powerful campaign tracking tools makes attribution easy. The tracking code can be installed on any page of your site.

Buyers are always more loyal when they get extra value from their online retailers, such as tracking of how much they need to add to qualify for free shipping or other available offers.

The getLouie AI Topics Wheel.

When you engage your customers on the getLouie AI texting platform, you’re not just talking with them…our platform is searching for keywords, phrases, and identifying trends so you know what’s heating up on your site…and what’s cooling down.

We provide a graphic dashboard for you to track certain keywords and conversation patterns and see what’s trending.

Don’t get surprised when one of your products stokes customer conversations and then the big wave of the obsessed hit your site. Know the wave is coming, engage it, and ride it all the way to the revenue beach.

So as you can see, getLouie doesn’t just take and send messages…it uses AI to track emotional responses. You know emotion drives buying, but now the question is:

Who’s At The Wheel?

Did you know that real-world studies have shown that:

“On a lifetime value basis, emotionally connected customers are more than twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers. These emotionally connected customers buy more of your products and services, visit you more often, exhibit less price sensitivity, pay more attention to your communications, follow your advice, and recommend you more.”
~ Harvard Business Review

That’s a whole lot of benefit to be gained—IF you know what your customers are feeling. Oftentimes in eCommerce, you find yourself in a reactive mode…a positive sentiment that drives business may leave you flat-footed, a negative vibe might catch you off-guard and put you in a reactive mode.

getLouie’s AI Sentiment Analysis (ASA) helps you stay ahead, This feature analyzes incoming messages for your customers’ are positive, negative or neutral. getLouie will send you customized alerts on each trend.

And if a text is negative? getLouie AI also responds with your personalized messages. Wouldn’t you rather have getLouie respond to a text and calm the issue, rather than catching up to a negative review that will sit online?

And the ASA is supported by AI Emotion Meters—which take your customers’ “temperature” towards your online brand. Our dashboard displays shades of greens, yellows and reds, giving you real-time information on your customers’ happiness vibe.

We spend a lot of time shopping online. We’ve gone “deep dive” to find out how we can help eCommerce rock stars like you succeed. We want you to stick.

getLouie’s AI texting platform utilizes the features outlined above and many others to help businesses of all kinds connect with their customer base with speed, personalization, and ease. Take a look at the next generation of business communication. Stay awhile; there are a lot of features to take in.

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