Rapid Response

The Key to Home Service Success Using AI Automated Text Messaging

You’re a home repair specialist, maybe in plumbing, HVAC, or small home repairs. And somewhere, probably right at this moment, a potential customer is having a really bad day.

The temperature has flown past ninety—and their air conditioning is on the fritz. They have thirty guests for a backyard BBQ—and the plumbing has gone south. Or their home needs a quick fix in any number of ways.

They need someone like you: a highly trained and responsive plumber, HVAC specialist, or repair expert. 

So they pull out their phone and do a search, and what do they find? We here at getLouie did a quick search of “plumber in my area” and received over 90 million results in less than a second. Those choices are ranked with ratings and keywords and other helpful factors.

But perhaps the most important thing your customers need is to be able to reach you, as quickly as possible. 

When the sweat is dripping off a customer’s face, or their cabinet is hanging on by a stripped screw, or things are happening in their bathroom that…well, you know. 

They need rapid response. They want to know that you’ve got their call, you are on the way, and help is close at hand.

But unless you spend a considerable amount of your overhead budget on support or office staff, you might not be able to pick up right away. And even the most well-staffed offices let calls drop on busy days. 

What if you had a automated two way AI text messaging platform that served like a Rapid Response Call Center? What if you could “talk” to that customer immediately, via personalized texts, get them scheduled and at least somewhat calm, knowing you’re on the way?

OK, we admit it, here at getLouie we know the answers to those questions.

Having our business texting service would mean better communication, enhanced reputation, and increased revenue.
And we’re proud to have created an AI texting service for businesses just like yours.

AI Assist Creates a Rapid Response Center

Your customers know you don’t have the power to teleport instantly to them. But if they don’t get some kind of response, quickly, they are far more likely to simply contact another vendor if they can’t reach you. 

Don’t let that happen to you. getLouie AI automatically schedules, reschedules, confirms or cancels your appointments and sends scheduled reminders. All you have to do is set up your calendar, events, and appointment types. Your customers simply text the word “appointment,” and the auto-scheduler will take care of the rest. 

But as they’re waiting for you to arrive, the problem is still giving them that bad day. Why not start the repair process right away, and bring them even more peace of mind?

Keywords and Hot Keys Diagnostics

getLouie’s AI-driven business texting allows you to create Keywords and Hotkeys to either answer basic questions or ask your customers relevant information about the appliance that’s causing them issues.

Imagine this: your client schedules an HVAC repair appointment. getLouie analyzes their text, and asks them about their system. Make and model? Issue? The customer is already talking to “you” about their problem, and a solution feels closer than ever.

And our SMS platform is already creating a repair report. You’ll know before you even speak with them what kind of tools you may need, which one of your team members might be best suited to the problem, you can even program the system to send along helpful tips for the customer to try right now.

(Anyone who has ever been confronted with an immediate issue in their plumbing knows that professional advice on confronting the mess is the advice you follow. Don’t listen to the family member who insists “jiggle this it worked before!”)

getLouie is great in a crisis. But you’re a professional—and you know that many “crisis” issues come from a lack of preventative maintenance. getLouie can help you keep preventative maintenance at the forefront of your customers’ mind—saving them money and stress, and creating a more reliable revenue stream for your business.

CRM + AI = Helping with Maintenance

Big businesses know that preventative maintenance saves money and enhances productivity, as well as extending the overall life of their machines. Most invest in and employ a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

But most of your customers can’t afford that, and keeping track manually is hard for even the most organized of us. You can provide your own CMMS to your grateful customers. getLouie AI engages with your customer relationship system (CRM) and builds your customer profiles and contacts based on interaction. As your customers engage, getLouie makes automated notes in their profiles. Many fields are created automatically for you – but you can always add in suggested maintenance schedules. This feature is great reaching out to your customers and offering  them sales and specials via text.

And they’ll be much more likely to respond—98 % open their texts, and they are eight times more likely to respond to an SMS over an email!

You can also engage them further with special maintenance offers and “service windows,” which allows you to create and track revenue more consistently through the year.

All this while helping your clients avoid those truly stressful days. That’s what we here at getLouie call a “Win-Win.” 

We know, they call it that everywhere but we add a special high-five to it so it’s our thing.

getLouie’s AI texting platform utilizes the features outlined above and many others to help businesses of all kinds connect with their customer base with speed, personalization, and ease. Take a look at the next generation of business communication. Stay awhile; there are a lot of features to take in.

Contact our team for a free consultation. Or simply sign up.  We love to share.