Text Messaging With AI Sentiment & Emotion

Your customers have feelings. Do you really know how your customers are feeling? Now you can learn just by glancing at your inbox.

AI Sentiment Analysis – getLouie AI analyzes incoming messages for your customers sentiment. Analylizes if your customers message is postive, negative or neutral. Then a custom auto response is sent based on the analysis. If the message is negative in sentiment, Louie will send you an alert so that you can take action quickly. getLouie AI also alters the response and sends custom auto-reply if the input is negative in sentiment; even if it triggers a HotKey. This is an amazing tool for learning the sentiment of your customers and a great way to know if you’re meeting their needs and expectations or where you may need to improve.
AI Emotion Meters – Take Your Customers temperature. getLouie’s emotion meter analylizes how your customers are feeling. Emotion Meters are easy to read and understand. Thermometers show the ‘temperature’ with a line representing how strong the emotion is. Colors range with shades of greens, yellows and reds. The meters show on all relevant incoming messages in your inbox. A quick glance and you will have an overall idea of how your happy your customers are.

GetLouie Business Texting Platform
Is Great For These Industries.

Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Religious Groups & Side Gigs