Build Your Community with AI Two Way Text Messaging

The team here at getLouie talks a lot about Spiritual Wellness. We work hard, and we work long hours, in pursuit of creating a truly singular AI-driven business texting platform. That’s our job and we love it.

But there’s a lot more to life than that. So we all try, in our own ways, to advance our Spiritual Wellness. Some of us are religious, some are more spiritual. Some dedicate a significant portion of our off-hours volunteering for nonprofits. And others simply ride a wave, or make sure to truly appreciate the sun as it sets on our Hawaiian headquarters.

The problem that we all face—that all of us in the world face—is the constant demands of our day to day life. What we all need is a community, one that can engage us daily, and help us feel like a part of a tribe.

So when we built our next-generation system, we thought of you: church leaders and spiritual guides. Wellness experts and non-profit leaders. 

And we asked ourselves: how could getLouie help?

We had many long conversations with fellow travelers, did a lot of experimentation, and had more than a few hours talking about spiritual growth under the setting sun. We’re proud to invite you to consider getLouie as a communication platform for your group, using these tech-driven features to create a better human world.

Our jump-off point was recent studies that show people are using their mobile phones constantly, and they are now most responsive to texts. That information is useful in the retail world…but we can turn it to your community endeavors as well.

Personalized Engagement

Imagine this for a moment:

Every day, one of your community receives a text from you asking them how their day is going. Depending on their response, you send a personalized message with a prayer, a mantra, a pose…even a small way they can pitch in to their favorite non-profit. 

We know you don’t have the time every day to do that; if you are somehow able, we’d love to meet you, time management guru. 

Let getLouie’s Hot Keys, Keywords and AI Similarity do it for you. We’ve built an automated SMS texting response system that is driven by AI and powered by your desired Keywords and Hotkeys. 

getLouie allows you to create custom Keywords and Hot Keys message templates and give “personal” responses to common questions. Once you’ve set them up on the platform, getLouie will read and respond for you. Our AI platform analyzes each question against your database and sends your responses.

While you’re engaging with your community, getLouie is also helping you build profiles that show you their needs and interests. You can tailor subsequent texts, initiatives, and events, all through their mobile phones.

Events and Initiatives

Be it weekly services, big volunteer opportunities, or group wellness moments, we all love community time with our Spiritual Wellness pursuits. It gives us inspiration and resets our commitment.

But…those invite emails? People rarely open them. A physical mailer that eats up the Earth’s resources and is generally thrown right in the trash? Um…no.

People open 98% of their texts. They tend to open them quickly, and respond at a much higher rate than email, And that’s where you invite them to community time.

getLouie AI will automatically schedule and confirm your events and initiatives.  All you have to do is set up your calendar, events, and appointment types. Your contacts can click a link and the auto-scheduler will take care of the rest. 

Building The Tribe

This is the innovation we’re proudest of: the AI Topics Wheel.

As you engage your group on the getLouie app, messages start to fly back and forth. Maybe it’s simple shout-outs to other members of the tribe. Maybe it’s ideas, or inspirations, or messages from people about how certain exercises helped them. Those messages could just be carpool plans to your next event.

But every single word can give you insight into your tribe’s current thoughts and focus points, And when you couple them with our AI Sentiment Analysis, you’ll know their moods. Positive, negative? Engaged or maybe getting pulled away from their journey by the constant demands of modern life?

We take all this data and create at-a-glance dashboards for you that will show trends and emotion in real time. You can help your tribe by adjusting messages and schedules, and be responsive to their needs without having to have multiple conversations.

It’s like the best kind of community meeting, done automatically, every day, with immediate actions very clear.

A tribe is like water. They flow together, but often the impediments of daily life can alter their course. Stay one step ahead on the riverbed and meet them where they need you the most.

Technology has changed the world, and not always for the better. But here at getLouie, we’ve made it a mission to turn tech to the pursuit of Spiritual Wellness.

We saw it in a sunset; we’d be honored to partner with you.

getLouie’s AI texting platform utilizes the features outlined above and many others to help businesses of all kinds connect with their customer base with speed, personalization, and ease. Take a look at the next generation of business communication. Stay awhile; there are a lot of features to take in.

Contact our team for a free consultation. Or simply sign up. We love to share.