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How an AI Texting Platform Can Boost Your Sales With text Message Marketing For Restaurants

cafe using getLoui AI text messaging with customer

Whether you own a fine dining establishment or a corner cafe, a wine bar or a local pub, a huge part of your business depends on knowing what your customers want. But it’s hard in the high-paced and competitive restaurant business to stay on top of everything at once.

When we here at getLouie went to work creating a unique and impactful business texting service, we thought a lot about our favorite pubs and burger joints and date spots. How could these spots not only stay in touch and take our reservations, but also: how could you stay in conversation with your customers?

Where to talk to your clientele is easy: text, text, text. People now prefer texts from their favorite businesses, much more than emails or calls. Even better: they are almost guaranteed to open an SMS message, with most opening within three minutes.

That’s some short-order success.

So we started to figure out how restaurants and bars could have personalized back-and-forth that would not only drive revenue but also bring more satisfaction to their customers.

Artificial Intelligence was the answer…along with some genius features designed with eating and drinking in mind.

Step into the future…

Respond to Desire with Keywords and Hot Keys

Your customers text in and want answers or recommendations. Once opted in, you don’t have to answer- because getLouie will do it for you. We’ve built an automated texting response system that is driven by AI and powered by your desired Keywords and Hotkeys.

Say a customer texts in to ask if a certain special is on the menu tonight, or if you serve a local IPA? getLouie AI analyzes how close similar the question is to questions and responses you’ve set up. The platform then sends custom auto responses based on that analysis.
The system also uses keywords for locations, menus, specials, to send a custom auto response. Set up the platform; simply tell getLouie what common questions and keywords are, and getLouie will start answering questions as the evening rush comes in.

You don’t have to even look at your phone.

automated two way texting platform for restaurants

Track Happiness by Plate, Pint, or Bowl

Customers using getLouie text messaging software to text returants

In this world of online reviews, it’s essential that you know how your customers are feeling so you can respond to their emotions in real time.  A crew of supersmart researchers have discovered that you can turn around even a negative customer experience with a timeless and personalized response.

But again…it’s the food & bev business. You always have something to do.

Let us introduce you to getLouie’s AI Sentiment Analysis. This feature analyzes incoming messages to see if your customers are feeling positive, negative or neutral. The platform immediately responds to negative comments with personalized messages and actions to help your customer feel heard.

Wouldn’t you rather have getLouie respond to a text rather than catching up to a negative feeling in an online review?

AI Sentiment Analysis is supported by AI Emotion Meters—your customers’ “temperature” will show on your dashboard display in shades of greens, yellows and reds, giving you real-time information on your customers’ mood.

Know What Your Customers Want

So there’s all this information coming in via text. Key Words and Hotkeys are flying around, and most of them relate to different items on your menu. What if you had a dashboard that showed you, at a glance, which menu items were trending and which were falling to the wayside?

You have it now with getLouie’s AI Topics Wheel. The Wheel shows, in spikes and valleys, what’s being discussed on your business text messaging platform. Frequency of mentions, coupled with our AI Sentiment Analysis, can help drive your strategy. You can create specials, hone your ordering, even reach out directly to individual customers (or groups of customers) with deals.

Imagine introducing a new dish or drink to your establishment. You can promote it with our powerful SMS Marketing feature, and track your customers’ reaction, all through an AI text system that is creating and tracking the conversations for you.

restaurant text marketing platform

Let getLouie be your customer service and creative ally.

With AI response, as soon as you’ve set the system up, you’ll be getting the information you need at the fraction of the time and cost.
getLouie’s AI texting platform utilizes the features outlined above and many others to help businesses of all kinds connect with their customer base with speed, personalization, and ease.  Take a look at the next generation of business communication. Stay awhile; there are a lot of features to take in.

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