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SMS Marketing Platform For Powerful Text Messaging Campaigns

  Text marketing services for business is 89% more efficient than email and phone calls. 98% of SMS text marketing are opened and read within five minutes of sending. Consumers spend a majority of their time on their cell phone. Nothing is better and more affordable at reaching your audience. One of the great marketing strategies of sending text messages is to promote events with clickable RSVP, sales, contest and other promotional campaigns to your target audience. Your customers will love receiving text messages in real time on latest news, sales or events.

  We are one of the few SMS marketing services that is registered as a campaign provider with The Campaign Registry (TCR) – most are not. This is great news for you! This ensures that your text messages will be delivered and not blocked as spam.

  Most SMS marketing software can only send out one way mass text marketing announcements, leaving customers with no way to respond.

  getLouie AI SMS marketing company offers two way texting so customers can respond with question to your text marketing promotion and getLouie AI will reply with an automated response. This is a great customer service feature and your customers will feel like you personally message them. You will see the benefits of  improved customer engagement and increase revenue with our SMS marketing app.

  This personal engagement will leave customers feeling like you care – will result in loyal customers and higher revenue.

  With getLouie’s powerful auto customer profile building (CRM) and segmentation, targeting specific customers based on their interest & interactions couldn’t be any easier! Send mass SMS or MMS marketing campaigns to a targeted list or your full list. Unlike many competing services, your customers can actually reply!

SMS Marketing

  All getLouie text message marketing company accounts include a built in link shortener to keep your character count low. Track your SMS text marketing campaigns success with getLouie’s built in link tracking and analytics. Monitor your campaign stats including links clicked and actions taken – hitting your checkout page, for example.

  GetLouie texting marketing app is easy to sign up for. Once you sign up you will pick your own texting service phone number from a list of phone numbers that are local to you.


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