Ripped for Retention

The AI Automated Two Way Texting Platform Gyms and Trainers Need

Your life and business is all about helping people get fit. You know your workouts, your nutrition, and you know how to motivate.

But unfortunately all of your great work is constantly going up against the biggest issue in the fitness industry:

gym members texting fitness trainers using getLouie platform


Keeping clients is difficult, with the industry around the 60% range. And that can put a big hit on your revenue streams. As you know, it costs three times more to get a new client than it does to retain an old one.

So what’s going wrong? We here at getLouie have heard this before, but this time it’s true: if your lost customers could talk, they would tell you, “it’s not you, it’s me.”

They have a lot of choices. They have a lot of other time pressures and strains in their life. They sometimes need a shot of motivation at a time you couldn’t possibly predict.

…or….could you?

The getLouie team has created a two way automated AI text messaging platform that brings companies many different features to take advantage of our mobile phone obsession. Once we got the basics down, we started looking at professions like yours—

Thinking: how do we tailor our platform for the fitness profession? Much like you tailor workouts for each client, we found some amazing ways that you could use getLouie to make your life easier and more lucrative.

Warm up ‘cause it’s time to explore a whole new world in customer connection

Customer sending text message to gym

First Principles

The Association of Fitness Studios says that there are four areas to master to up engagement and retention. And herein we quote the experts:

Let’s break down how getLouie helps you in all phases of the retention game.

Making It Personal


Consumers prefer texting far more than phone calls and even emails. That’s where getLouie comes in with a unique AI texting service built from your messaging and augmented and improved by our analytics. getLouie AI will automatically schedule your appointments. All you have to do is set up your calendar, event types and event durations.

getLouie will send a reminder for confirmations or changes without you having to make call after call. No more waiting around for a training client who won’t show. SMS scheduling allows you to save time, effort, and frustration.

Finding Your Niche with AI Response

Now let’s go next-generation tech!
Let’s say you’re setting up a weekly routine for a new client. Instead of sending them canned text reminders, what if you could send a text that read: “are you ready to work on your abs today?!”

How your client answers will give them a different and personalized response, based on your workout routines and individualized programs.

getLouie allows you to create custom Keywords and Hotkeys message templates and give “personal” responses to common questions. You set them up—getLouie reads and responds for you. Our AI platform analyzes each question against your database and sends the response you would send if the client was standing right beside you.


Building A Tribe

How do you build a tribe? Sure, you need those personal touches and specials … but what if you knew what the tribe was thinking, was looking for, were their problems keeping up with their workouts and staying motivated?

GetLouie Artificial Intelligence Sentiment Analysis (ASA) helps you get inside the mind of the tribe. ASA analyzes text messages in segmented groups to detect moods and trends. Receive automatic alerts for each emotional marker, to help you lead your tribe on both motivated and lazy days.

Wouldn’t you rather have getLouie automatically reply to a text message rather than catch up on a negative sentiment that will stick with your customer?

The ASA has an easy-to-read AI emotion meter that measures the “temperature” of your customers and enables real-time strategizing.

It’s kinda like you are right beside us, pushing us to give just a little bit more.

We’re proud of the work we’ve put into getLouie to make it ripped and ready for retention. We look forward to seeing how you deploy this AI trainer for the good of your clients and your business.

getLouie’s AI texting platform utilizes the features outlined above and many others to help businesses of all kinds connect with their customer base with speed, personalization, and ease. Take a look at the next generation of business communication. Stay awhile; there are a lot of features to take in.

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