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How Fitness Trainers Benefit From Business Text Messaging

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When you’re in the fitness industry, everything revolves around gaining and maintaining your clients. The best way to do this is through various channels that allow you to contact them and send them news about the gym and its trainers.
If you’re wondering what the best way of communicating with clientele is right now during the pandemic, you’ll want to know about getLouie’s two way automated business text messaging platform. Below we’re going to share some ways that text messaging for fitness trainers can prove beneficial for you and your gym.

  1. Convenience
    The average person spends around 6 hours and 41 minutes online every day. That means that any contact you have with them via their phones will be the most beneficial.
    One of the most useful benefits of business text messaging is that it’s convenient. Once the message has been sent, it will reach the clients within seconds, updating them on gym hours, fitness trainer hours, and more.

The other benefit of this convenience factor is that if the message requires action on the client’s part, they don’t have to respond immediately. When using text messaging, you can alert clients that their monthly payment is due, welcome new gym clients, and send new promotions.

  1. Increases Relevancy
    The last thing on people’s minds right now is taking a fitness class or going to the gym. Business text messaging for gyms increases their relevancy and reminds your customers that you’re still open and ready for them to come on in.
    Not only will your gym remain at the forefront of your client’s minds, but they will also enjoy the fact that your company is updating the method that they use to get information to them as opposed to using snail mail.
  2. Cost-Effective
    SMS Marketing can become increasingly expensive, depending on the methods that you choose to use for your company. Using text messaging costs far less than any other marketing that you can use.
    When you decide to use text messaging to reach clients, you’ll have various package options that you can choose from. This may vary based on your platform provider.
  3. Increases the Customer Experience
    Everything businesses do now is to enhance the customer’s experience when they come in contact with your business. This means tailoring your text message marketing strategy to meet their needs.
    People are frequently on the move nowadays, making it less likely to sit on a computer or stay in one place for very long. Business text messaging reaches them wherever they are while they’re on the move.

Business Text Messaging: Text YES or NO
When you’re using business text messaging for your gym and fitness trainers, there are tons of benefits that we’ve mentioned above. One benefit is the convenience factor, not to mention enhancing the overall experience for your client base.

If you’re still in search of the right text messaging platform for your gym, Get Louie. They offer a host of features that will help you customize your platform to make sure that it works the best for you and your clients.

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