Attention Massage Therapists:

Break the Texting Chains Forever!

Now, an Automated AI-Powered Texting “Virtual Assistant” Dedicated To Managing Your Messages So You Can Spend More Time Giving Great Massages!

Quick story… 

When Christine finished massage school and finally received her license, she was super excited.

She lived in a small tourist town in Hawaii, and clients would often text to check her availability.

At first, it was fun having clients reach out to her. Her phone was blowing up with text messages. It felt amazing to be wanted all the time. 

But before too long, she began to feel chained to her messaging app.

“Ugh. I just wish I could shut it off just for a day.”

She would often find herself tip-tapping feverishly on her phone from the moment she woke up, till the moment she fell asleep. Once, she added up all the time she was spending on her phone and it was over an hour every single day!

She had practically no time to herself… no time to relax and unwind… no time away from her practice. Even on holidays.

She felt “ON” all the time. 

The need to instantaneously respond to her clients was overwhelming. She was so stressed out. Because Christine learned from experience, if she didn’t respond fast enough, they’d be gone in a hurry. 

And what’s really weird was even if she wasn’t busy, she’d still be checking her messages every ten minutes or so, afraid she might have missed a text.

It was a terrible predicament to be in. Never having any downtime… never being able to enjoy a well-deserved yoga session… afraid she might miss a booking.

One day, when Christine was particularly under a lot of pressure, she did something considered a BIG NO-NO in the massage therapy profession

Christine crossed the line. She started texting DURING massage sessions with clients.


She knew it was unprofessional. But she couldn’t help it. If she didn’t respond, the client texting her would have been gone in a flash.

Unfortunately, the inevitable happened.

Not long after she got into this bad habit, she received her first and only 1-star review on Yelp. You guessed it. Christine had been texting someone during a client session!

It gets worse.

The client left a negative review, saying she thought Christine might have been taking pictures of her!

Ouch, that hurt. Not only her pride, but her practice took a big hit as well. That’s when Christine knew she had a problem. She was ADDICTED to her cellphone, unable to let go.

Coincidentally, an ad for a new “AI-powered” automated two way messaging service came across her newsfeed promising to relieve her of her text messaging duties forever. Introducing…

getlouie logo

Your AI-Powered, 24/7
Automated Two Way Text Messaging
Virtual Assistant

(No app required!)

Now there’s a better way to communicate with your massage prospects and clients. And it’s a game changer.


  • Never having to manually take another appointment by text again…
  • Never having to manually send another appointment reminder…
  • Never having to manually respond to typical FAQ questions such as “do you do deep tissue?”, or “What are your prices?” and “Where are you located?”…
  • Have your appointment calendar always up-to-date, including reschedules and cancellations…
  • And you can also keep in touch with groups of clients automatically, as well as create sales-generating promotions, sales and text marketing campaigns…

getLouie relieves you of the daily time-critical communication that can stress you out, especially when you’re already fully booked and there’s no time to reply.

Put getLouie AI To Work For You

getLouie’s AI-generated text conversations sound completely natural, human. In fact, you can customize getLouie’s basic templates to even sound authentic. It’s almost like you have a friendly, trustworthy virtual assistant, dedicated 24/7 to immediately responding to your clients’ messages.

The getLouie’s artificial intelligence-powered texting platform eliminates all the time wasting yet critically important communication with your clients and prospects–keeping your massage practice running effortlessly.

Your calendar fills up automatically, freeing you up to do what you do best…

Spend time with clients, giving great massages!

Watch A Short GetLouie Ai Intro

Texting Anxiety, Frustration and Overwhelm Stops Now!

Let Clients Schedule Appointments Using Our AI-Automated Two-Way Text Messaging

getLouie’s AI-powered, two-way texting platform AUTOMATICALLY schedules, reschedules, confirms or cancels your appointments using our built-in multi-schedule, multi-event calendar. getLouie will also send appointment reminders.

To start the process, just have your clients that are already in your getLouie contact list text the word “appointment” to your getLouie phone number.

GetLouie will automatically schedule the appointment, and will show the appointment in your built in calendar .

Save Time – Reduce No Shows – Increase Revenues

Sound Super Professional

For the sake of time, as massage therapists, we often use texting shorthand and abbreviations. The only problem is it sounds kinda unprofessional, doesn’t it?

As a business owner, which kind of client interaction would you prefer to have with a client?

Example #1:

Client: Sunday at 7?

Massage Therapist: I can’t do Sunday. Do u want to come Monday?

Client: 7 pm?

Massage Therapist: Yeah

Client: C u then

Massage Therapist: k

Client: R u sure you can’t do today?

Example #2:


Customize Standard Interactions

Professionalism counts for a lot. 

Yet maybe one of the best parts of getLouie is you can customize and tailor the interactions and conversations to reflect your own personality and style of writing.

This means even as getLouie catches on within the massage industry, you can present yourself as someone special, individual yet personal when a client reaches out.

With getLouie Managing Your Text Activity, You Turn Your Cellphone Into a Sales Machine!

Watch Your Schedule Fill Up Effortlessly. Add Extra Hours A day to do whatever you want.

With getLouie, your cellphone turns into a sales machine able to handle multiple conversations simultaneously.

That means let’s say you have light bookings next week and you’d like to fill up your schedule.

You can send out a sales promotion saying next week, clients can  get 10% off their massage. When you get that rush of signups, getLouie can handle the appointments without missing a beat.

getLouie’s AI Texting Engine Handles Anything Your Clients Can Throw At It

Artificial Intelligence is exploding and now it’s here to help overwhelmed massage therapists, stressed out by their cell phones.

Simple or complex, getLouie understands and LEARNS from each interaction, each conversation.

It’s a virtual assistant dedicated to you and your massage therapy practice.

Discover The Hot Topics Your Customers Are Texting About With getLouie’s AI Topics Wheel

One of getLouie’s time-saving features is the Topics Wheel. The Topics Wheel provides a graphical representation of the topics of your incoming messages. 

At a glance you can visually know what’s hot – and what’s not. The frequency is displayed. The longer the ‘spike’ the more frequent that topic came up. 

Take action – It is possible there are interactions that represent new opportunities or problem areas.

For instance,  if the person asks for “deep tissue” v. “Specials” v. “Lomi Lomi” v. “Thai” massage, that’s really useful to know.

Remember, you’re not manning the text app anymore, getLouie is. And it’s super helpful to quickly  drill down on what’s most important to massage clients rather than wading through dozens, perhaps hundreds of text conversations.

Also Included: getLouie’s Built In CRM
(Customer Relationship Management) System

Everyone knows clients are the lifeblood of any massage practice. That’s why integrated with the revolutionary AI-texting functionality, is getLouie’s built in automated CRM system.

A customer relationship management helps you keep track of your customers allowing you to document and keep track of different aspects of your experience with the customer. getLouie AI builds your customers profile and segments contacts based on texting interaction. As your customers engage, getLouie makes automated notes in their profiles. Many are created automatically for you – but you can always add your own. This is a great feature for retargeting your customers with SMS marketing Campaigns.

Everything is in the CRM, not 25 different places. This feature is also great for re-targeting your customers for campaigns. Within no time, getLouie’s CRM will become the foundation for your practice.

Managing a vibrant, growing massage practice can be overwhelming,

but it doesn’t have to be

We suspect you didn’t start your massage practice to spend hours a week texting. You started it to help people, to perhaps heal people, using your hands.

Let getLouie help you. How? By offloading the one task you’ve probably come to despise. (No, not washing towels and sheets!)


You deserve to be doing what you do best, right? Giving clients great massages. Let getLouie help you.